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My Name is Rebecca Ramos, LCSW, BICBT-CC, RPT TMI opened Brass City Counseling, LLC in 2018, My goal for this private practice is to assist you and your family in finding and developing your way in life. We all have moments in life that can feel unbearable, These moments, can be related to life altering events, possibly a new or chronic Mental Health diagnosis, or addiction, I would very much like to meet you, and help support you in figuring out your life's path, as well as figuring out how to make the unbearable, bearable.  

Waterbury 24/7 crisis line

Crisis HotLine 

# 1-866-794-0021. 24/7 access.

For substance abuse treatment 24/7 call the Access Line


Crisis hotline for children under the age of 18, please call **211. **

**life threatening situation please call **911* ​*


Elementary- through adulthood -life transitions/depression/healing from Domestic violence/alcohol /drug, use, and relapse prevention/learning to become your authentic self/trauma/Anxiety/anger management/improving communication skills,

What brought you here today? 

  • Questions to ask yourself, while contemplating therapy. 
    • What goals are you seeking to achieve? What do you want your life to look like at the end of treatment?
    • What are you willing to do to achieve your goal?
    • Who is going to help you achieve your goals?
    • How much effort are you  willing to put into the therapy process?  
    • Please keep in mind, Therapy is about putting work, and energy into creating the life you are seeking, 

Group 9-11 years old

A.Socialization skills

B.Virtual/fa​ce to face 

(CDC Guidelines followed)

C.Learning skills- to build independence, and confidence.



Workshops/skills building sessions 

Please bring 1 item of non perishable food to donate to local food pantry





Work shop Advisory 

**Please note workshops are protected by confidentially. What is said during sessions stays in session, and who is in the session is protected by each group member. This rule is never negotiated.***

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